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What to consider when buying a goose down comforter

comfortersA comforter is basically a type of bedding or a type of blanket filled with natural or synthetic insulated material encased in a shell or covering. To fill the encasing shell polyester, batting are used as synthetic materials and feathers, wool or silk in modified forms are used as natural stuffing. And the shell, or encasing, is generally made of cotton or silk fabrics with various designs and colours. These are generally used with bed sheets and the size of it obviously depends on the size of your bed.

A down comforter is something that gives you a luxurious and ultimate sleeping experience upon using it. Now, a down comforter is something that uses a material called down as the filling material. Down is a very light and fluffy material made of feathers of birds like geese, ducks etc. Down is lighter in weight and gives you warmer feel over the other synthetic insulation used to fill a comforter. So to buy the best goose down comforter within your budget please consider the following things –

  • Budget – Before buying a goose down comforter for yourself, you should set up a budget in your mind. Basically, the more you spend behind a goose down comforter the more luxurious and comfortable piece of comforter you are going to get and with a greater longevity. But you don’t have to worry if your budget is limited as goose down comforters is available in the market for all price ranges.
  • Sleep temperature – Basically, the sleep temperature is the temperature of the room while you sleep. Each and every comforter being sold in the market generally comes with a label in it tagging the temperature zone. You should choose the one matching your requirement.
  • Thread count –This term defines the number of thread woven per square inch in a comforter. As the thread count increases, with finer threads, the feel of the fabric gradually becomes smoother and lighter. So, the thread count of a comforter basically indicates the quality and texture of your comforter.
  • Baffle box – Baffles are basically vertical walls of fabric sewn inside the down comforter to create separate boxes of down inside it. Actually comforters are sewn with baffles to prevent down from shifting and settling. So, high quality down comforters comes with more number of baffle boxes to keep the fluffy feeling longer than others. Without the existence of baffle boxes, goose down may shift or settle producing cold spots in the comforter.

Other than these basic criteria, you should also know about how to maintain a down comforter and make it last longer. You should always use a duvet cover to protect your down comforter from dirt, since it actually makes it easier to clean the duvet cover rather than cleaning the comforter itself. You should shake the comforter periodically to keep the fluffy feel by expanding the down clusters with air. And to keep it fresh, you must air your down comforter a few hours twice a thrice a year. For more information please check out these best down comforter reviews at

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