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Some tips on buying the best sump pump

top-10-sump-pumpWater-logging can be a really serious problem for your house as it can damage the house badly. However, this can be prevented if you have installed a powerful sump pump in your home’s basement. So, buying a sump pump becomes a necessity, especially in those areas where thunderstorms and heavy rains are commonplace.

A good sump pump will not only get all of the water out of the house but also do it quickly and economically. But how will you be able to choose the best quality sump pump? Well, this article will help you find the best one of them all by discussing all about sump pumps.

Some things to keep in mind before buying a sump pump

Before buying a sump pump, you should keep a few factors in mind. These factors of a sump pump determine the pump’s reliability, power and maintenance cost. Some of them are discussed below.

Capacity of the pump

A good sump pump can pump out all the water inside the house. This is determined by its pumping capacity which is usually measured in gallons per minute or sometimes in gallons per hour. The GPH is inversely proportional to the head height. If you want the pump to work properly, ensure that the head height is more than the total distance of the outlet from the pump.

Type of the float

Different types of sump pumps have different float designs. The number of times it has to cycle power depends on the total distance the float has to travel in each case. Also, solid floats are better than hollow ones as they cannot be filled with water.

Materials used to make the pump

The materials used for making specific parts of the sump pump must be durable enough. The materials used for making the sump pump motor should be heat-resistant too, as it creates a lot of heat while pumping large amounts of water. Often, cast iron is more effective than other materials like plastic.

Power ratings

The power rating of a sump pump is measured in horsepower. A sump pump of 1/3 horsepower can usually do enough work, but if the height of the water is more than 10 feet, then only a sump pump of ½ or 1 horsepower can help you pump the water out.



Warranty of the pump

While buying the sump pump, be sure to check its warranty period and the damage cover. However, as sump pumps work under high pressure every time, you can almost be sure that the maximum warranty given will be of two years.

Cost of the pump

The cost of a pump usually depends on its power, reliability and quality. A pump with more power, better build quality, and better materials will obviously cost much more than its less powerful counterparts.

Things to look for while buying a secondary sump pump

Given below are a few things to look for in a backup pump:

  • The pumping capacity must be equal to that of the current pump you are using.
  • A separate check valve must be present.
  • If it is a battery-powered pump, then it should be able to charge easily from a deep-cycle battery.
  • If your house usesa well as a water source, then avoid buying a water-powered backup pump.

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