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cabinet makerHome is where the heart is – that is what we have heard our elders say. All of us aspire to build a home for ourselves. It is dreams come true for those who succeeded in achieving their goal. Most of us are already overburdened and stressed with our regular schedule itself and further responsibilities are difficult to cope with. To add on further stress might not be desirable at all. The whole process requires intensive planning, budgeting, organizing, supervising and execution. A full time duty! How many of us are capable enough or even if some of us are, do we have the time and resources?

Total Joinery Supplies seems to be a solution to the problem. They are registered building practitioners who cater to individual requirements at affordable price. They have prevailed in the market for about twenty five years and are into production of superior quality joinery, along with supreme award winning designs. Cabinet maker Greensborough is trusted name.

With experience, they customize their joinery products using latest manufacturing methods and ideas. The customer will feel relieved to get assistance on issues of concepts which could be tailored made to be pocket friendly.

Total Joinery Supplies offers a wide range of services that covers almost all aspects of construction. Some of their production includes –

  • Kitchen joinery
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Laundry cabinets
  • Linen storage
  • Entertainment units
  • Wall units
  • Open shelving
  • Alfresco joinery
  • Wardrobes

They also happen to be major suppliers of –

  • Laminex, Polytec, Formica, Carter Holt
  • Stylite, Bonlex
  • Hettich, Blum, Grass
  • Caesar stone
  • Quantum quartz
  • Coria

We must know, before seeking help, what are joinery services in the true sense of the term. Joiner literally means disambiguation. Very simply, a joiner is a woodworker. It could either mean woodworking, frame or panel construction. Therefore, we may define a joiner by saying he is one who constructs things by joining pieces of wood. His work involves something more than what carpenter normally does. It is more fancy and creative.

They generally require various machines to modify, as well as newly create various joints, which is why they often need to do their work in a workshop where the machines are kept.

Total Joinery Supplies may, for example, help their clients to make designer doors, windows, furniture, cupboards, bookcases, stairs, tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. Some joiners make ship building material also.

Joinery work is not restricted to wood work anymore. Companies like these may use different types of sophisticated materials. They may use linoleum, fiberglass, hardware, gaskets, etc.

An important and popular tool used in this trade is the biscuit joiner. This was invented in Switzerland in 1956.

Thomastown is indeed fortunate to be serviced by such trained, experienced, competent and dedicated team of joiners, who not only builds but provides all services related to buildings.

Total Joinery Services have expanded its service area to other places like Thomastown, Bundoora, Greensborough, Diamond Creek and Eltham. So, worries are over folks. Dream on and build your home!



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