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Buy a generator to handle power cuts

home and cA power cut can be very frustrating, especially during the hot season, and it is also the best time to buy a good generator. A generator is actually a device that pumps up extra power for the time you would need it the most, i.e. during power cuts. There are many types of generators available in the market, so you can be confused about which generator you need to buy. Also, different dealers provide different services for every generator. So, basically this guide will discuss all the aspects of the generator and its dealer, so that you can remain unaffected from the harmful effects of a blackout.

Buy according to the suitable type

The portable priced generators are very useful for home applications. They are very cost-effective and are easy to manage too. They can produce a backup power of 5000-7000 watts, which will be more than enough for home users. They can be stored anywhere when not being used.

The stationary models, however, are more useful for places having high power consumption like in big offices and hotels. These are very costly too and are very bulky. They have to be installed outside the main building. These two types of generators differ in fuel usage also. The low-powered portable generator can be run on gasoline, but a stationary generator requires natural gas or propane to run.

Generator dealer services

A good dealer always provides some extra services and bonus if you buy a generator from them. Some of the services and facilities of a good home generator dealer includes:

  • Highly accurate quoting service.
  • Lowest price in the market guaranteed.
  • Free inspection and assessment of the site.
  • The best value-for-money generators are available.
  • Quickest home and commercial generator installation.
  • Best trained workmen available.
  • Repairing and servicing of sold generators.
  • Can answer your call for help, anytime, anywhere.


The dealers of generators always provide a special maintenance contract for their sold goods. They can scan the whole backup system for problems and then repair it well. They not only repair damaged parts, but also replace them. They can get the parts of any size or shape. You must get a regular maintenance for the optimum performance of your generator. This will enable you to prevent any problem in future and save money on repair costs. They would be glad to take your call and check your generator for problems round the clock.

Some tips for home users

  • Always ask the dealer to check the generator for defects before installing it.
  • Before choosing a dealer, look for customer reviews.
  • Always use the services of a well trained serviceman who is certified by the State.
  • Do not try to install a generator on your own.
  • Always ensure that the dealer’s phone number or email address is handy, in case of any problem regarding the generator.
  • Ask the serviceman installing the generator to give you a permit which can be checked by the electrical inspector of your region.

A good generator is a boon for people living in areas where power cuts are common. You can buy a low powered portable generator or a high powered and high-cost stationary one, but you must always buy it from a reliable dealer.


































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