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A careful description on table saw before you make your purchase

wood workTable saw is a type of used to carry out wood related works. This is called as saw bench also. Table saw has a circular saw blade which is placed on the top of an arbor. Electric motor is used to perform the task of the saw in a smooth way. It can be added through belt, gear or direct with the saw blade. Wood or any other type of material can be cut through this helpful tool which is placed in a protruding way to support the cutting materials. This protruding placement of the blade is to decide the depth of the cut. If the blade is protruding higher above the table, then the cut will be deep and vice versa. Table saw geeks are providing various type of table saws depending on the requirement.

Various type of table saws available

Four type of table saws are available in the market generally. They are-

  • Benchtop table saw
  • Contractor table saw
  • Cabinet table saw
  • Hybrid table saw

What need to be remembered before purchasing table saw?

Before purchasing any machine, the customer must remember to take note of different aspects-

  • Blade size

One must buy the type of table saws depending on the materials they need to cut. Any type of thicker material will need higher blade size than the thinner materials. Mostly used blade size is 12 inch which sufficient to take care of various cutting requirement. Bigger blades are apt for the workshops. Because bigger blades are more costly than the normal sized blades.

  • Horsepower

Any type of smaller machines need to much less horsepower than the bigger machines. This is true in case of table saws also. Big machines can use 3-5 horsepower during its performance. But the small ones require 1-2 horsepower only. To work without any glitches, one must choose Poly-V belts rather than regular v belts or wedge belt. Poly-V belts are safer and effective than the other available ones.

  • Safety measurements

It is important to work in the safest manner with all type of power tools. Any contact of the blade with the flesh can bring unwanted accident. So using table saw is a risky affair. That’s why, the manufacturing companies have made an automated process to stop on emergency if it gets the touch of the flesh. This type of machines are expensive than the traditional ones, but it is best to maintain the safety always.

  • Magnetic switch

If a table saw stops abruptly in middle of the work then the magnetic switch goes off to avoid any accident when the power comes back. Because if the power is not off in the proper way then the machine will start work dangerously.

  • How to use the machine

It is always beneficial to purchase a machine which is important to complete the cutting process. If the materials are not thick enough, then a smaller version is okay. Because bigger tools are expensive and not easy to use like the smaller ones.

  • Dust collection

Dust collection option should be present to offer an efficient work process for the table saws.

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